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Below you'll find our latest & greatest roll playing game supplements and other related content.


Published Supplements

Amphail Asylum

• Best Electrum Seller •

An approximately 2hr long one-shot or sword coast campaign add-on, scalable to fit any level or size party. Enter the tower on the edge of town with Admiral Frizac Gileren and help him find his missing sibling, if you don't get lost forever in the first floor maze.

Path of Vivex

Vivex is draconic for Victory

Features Include:

  • Gain Tail Or Wings In A Rage

  • Gain Climb, Swim, Or Flight Speed 

  • Gain Firey Fury Ability 

  • Gain A Breath Weapon, Or Improve Existing Breath Weapon 

  • Gain Infectious Flame

Bonus - Very Rare Great Axe - Kurik Garurt (Slaughter Axe)

Galifax's Guide To Everything Evil

• Best Copper Seller •

  • Advice on how to create great evil-themed stories and characters.

  • Tips for player inclusion and safety while running your evil campaign.

  • A new archetype for ALL 13 character classes!

  • Over 35 new items, tools, and magical treasures.

  • A Bestiary with new good-aligned monsters to throw at your evil party.

  • New rules to help grow your own evil empire.

  • And more!

The Pike Pole

• Best Copper Seller •

  • Basic info & lore

  • Backstory reasons for being proficient 

  • 2 special actions- Knock Prone & Disarm 

  • 8 Weapon cards of different rarities -with artwork for each

Mafnacaro - The Magmaborn

• Best Silver Seller •

  • Individualistic

  • Vent Weapon

  • Adaptable

​Unleash your firey inner self with this new playable race!

Harrowing Haynight

Halloween One-Shot

A local farmer named Harold Haynight has reported a mischievous presence at night. What started with defacing his scarecrows, has now become something that makes him fear for his family. Your job is to investigate the disturbance and either deal with the perpetrators, or escort the Haynights to safety.


• In-World Adventuring Guild •

Tools for both sides of the screen:

  • Optional Rule Set  

  • Player Joinable   

  • Rank System    

  • Bag of Exchange

Expeditious Excursions

• Precarious Prisoner •

A local jail has a problem, a partially escaped prisoner. They have escaped their cell, but not the basement their cell was in. Your quest, should you choose to accept it, will be to investigate the basement of the jail and capture, kill, or determine the fate of the prisoner.


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