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The White Tower Print


Cover art print for The White Tower!

Artwork depicts the ancient citadel of The White Tower. Wielders who don't take the threat of The Tower & it's forces seriously don't live unscathed for long. 


Cover Design by Michael Wisehart

Tower Illustration by Jack Adams


Size: 11x17
Paper: 10 pt. Cardstock Gloss Finish

These prints will last for decades to come if stored properly!

*Actual color of all products may vary from images depending on the lighting conditions of the picture, and the settings on your display

  • Care Instructions

    We recommend leaving the protective slip on the print while flattening these out. Set the print on a flat level surface & place a flat object on top of the print overnight. If you need to use more than one object (like books or 2 stacks of standard letter size paper) start with the corners on one end, unroll the print fully, then place object on the opposite corners. Alternatively these can removed from the slip, and put directly into a well fitting frame.

  • Alternative Sizes

    If you would like to make a request for any print in an alternative size, please fill out the contact form, and be sure to include which print, and what size you're interested in.

    We may add the following sizes in the future: 18x24, 24x36.

  • Shipping Method

    Prints will be shipped rolled in tubes to provide the best chance at avoiding damage.

    All prints are shipped in a sealed 11x17 slip for extra protection from the elements during transit. If this package is left sitting in the rain by your friendly neighborhood mail man, it should still be okay.