Fan Art Shard Blade

Fan Art Shard Blade

Protect your lock screen with an Edgedancer themed Shardblade! 

This zip file contains 4 aspect ratios, 2:3, 16:9, 18:9, 19:9. 


About the artwork: We have an original version of the order's glyph, and along with some Thalin writing down each side that says simply 'edgedancer'. The blade has this gladius esk or short sword look because I wanted it to kind of relfect the order's finese, with the vine knot pommel and handle wrap representing the progression surge.


'Edgedancer' 'Shardblade' and all things 'Stormlight Archive' are the IP of Brandon Sanderson.

This background is available for free here, in accordance with the guidelines, which you can find here.


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