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Explore Aryion's early life as an Upakan, and follow him as he leaves The Lost City behind, and heads for Aramoor!


Paperback 2nd Edition

Winner CIPA EVVY Awards for YA Fiction
Winner eLit Awards for YA Fiction
Winner Global eBook Awards for Historical Fiction-Medieval
RunnerUP Reader's Favorite Awards for Juvenile Fantasy


Trained by mercenaries, Ayrion has one fatal flaw: A conscience.

He also has magic.

But if anyone were to find out, it could mean his life.

Desperate to become the youngest warrior of the Upakan people, Ayrion learns the hard way that being the best isn't always a good thing. Forced to leave his home to escape retribution from the head of their clan, he finds himself on board a cursed ship, sailing southward towards Aramoor.

But there's more to this captain and crew than Ayrion knows, and once again he finds himself relying on every ounce of his training to stay alive.

...but will it be enough?