Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors Welcome!

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We also have merchandise capabilities, which you can see in action at Aramoor Market.

If you're interested, find out more about the process below.


          There are many benefits to having merch available for your fans, including but not limited to:  

-An additional revenue stream from work you've already done.

-Promotion. If people like your books, they'll buy the merch. If people notice the merch and ask about it, they get a book recommendation. If they read the book and like it, then they buy the merch. It's a self-replicating system.

-Fan appreciation. This should not be underestimated. When people read a good book, they want more of it. If they can walk around with a piece of your world with them, they will. A sub benefit of this is merchandise can take pressure off you as a writer. Being able to say that your next book is still a while away, but fresh merch is here now gives fans a secondary outlet to connect with the books they love.

Process Outline

We are not currently seeking additional authors to work with, but we are always open to discussions. If you've stumbled across our site or been referred, feel free to reach out to us via email or on the contact page.

We'll provide a basic game plan on how to get things rolling. If we aren’t familiar with you already, we’ll start by reading your work in order to help us plan for some legendary merch!

Once we've worked out terms and agreed to move forward we will provide a contract.  Basic components being, to set down any royalty agreement, profit share, level of control over products, and our recognition as an official source of merchandise for your works. We would love to provide not just a store for your world, but an alliance.

Our overall goal is to provide high-end merchandise, deserving of your work and deserving of your fans. From the design of official imagery to the quality of the products they're put on, not just t-shirts with a book cover. We want to create genuinely unique and interesting pieces that your fans will be proud to show off. This doesn't mean awesome quotes, or book titles are off limits, just that there's so many more possibilities.

We will advertise and promote your store, this may include any number of strategies. Social media campaigns, Facebook ads, Google ads, email marketing & cross promoting between author specific merchandise to name a few. This doesn't mean you shouldn't also let your fans know about what's going on, just that it's not all on you.

Set prices, provide points of sale online, set up pre-order events, discount offers and be on the front lines with the customers. 

Deal with all the shipping and handling of merch, that's a major headache off your shoulders. We can also potentially provide you with merch you can bring with you to sell at signings or events you attend if that's something you're interested in.

We'll use all the information we can to determine how successful any given product is, how to make products more successful and constantly use market research to push the envelope. 

Following a launch and the above steps, we will design and create more merch of an ever-expanding variety. Coupled with a flexible long-term plan, we'll make your merch legendary.



Why us? 

There are much larger companies who do this sort of thing as well as P.O.D. services, and other competitors.

They won't deliver what we can. 

We are dedicated to high end production, quality art on quality products in cool custom packaging. A lot of merch companies just don't understand the sci-fi and fantasy genres. Without pointing fingers, there's really only a handful of authors with well-developed lines of merchandise.

If you already have official artwork, and or artists among your team, we will work with you to incorporate that art into the merch line up. We will also work with you on creating official imagery. We'd love to turn a napkin sketch into a legitimate piece of your world.  Ancient Runes? Magical Diagrams? An otherworldly language? Bring it on.  While some designs may have plenty of room to play around with, others are likely to be elements well described in your books. We will work to make images that line up with what you envisioned. 

Last but not least, we're fans too. 

Head over to the contact page, lets talk about it.

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